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Trademark Registration in Nepal

Nepal, commonly referred to as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a rapidly industrializing and expanding nation in South Asia. Around 30 million multiethnic people live as founding members of SAARC, which has positive and potential bilateral relations with nations like the UK, India, China, other SAARC countries, and many others.

The key economic sectors of agriculture, services, and industries—specifically, agricultural goods and products, tourism, textiles, and other services—are all exhibiting impressive growth in Nepal.

Therefore, if you also intend to launch a business in Nepal and want to develop a distinctive sign for your goods that distinguishes your brand from others, you must register a trademark for your company. This may be done for a word, symbol, or image, as well as a logo.

Nepal Trademark Law

The Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks Act of 1965, administered by the Department of Industries, is the relevant law for trademark registration in Nepal on a national basis. For international trademark registrations, Nepali entities or foreign entities situated outside of Nepal must adhere to one of the international trademark laws, such as the Paris Convention or the TRIPS Agreement, and then submit an application at the domestic level in the intended country.

As a result, you can register a trademark in Nepal with the assistance of a Trademarkcart legal advisor, who can facilitate the registration process. Trademarkcart is a leading consultancy for international trademark registration and offers both Madrid Protocol and individual country registration for trademarks.

Required Documents

  • Supporting Documents for National Trademark Registration.

  • Business operations permit or registration certificate.

  • Tax registration certificate for trademark registration in Nepal.

  • Trademark samples.

  • Identification for nominated representative.

Process for Trademark Registration in Nepal

  • Filling out a Trademark Application

    The first step is to complete a trademark application, which can only be submitted for a single class—not for several classes. Within six months of the priority date, the Priority Trademark Application claiming priority from a convention country may also be submitted in Nepal.

  • Checking Trademark Name

    After a trademark application is submitted, the Registrar reviews it to determine whether it is distinctive, misleading, or otherwise in conflict with other trademarks. Based on this examination, the Registrar may approve or reject the form in accordance with the act's rules.

  • Publication or Advertising of a Trademark in Nepal

    If the registrar approves the trademark registration form, it will be published in the trademark journal to invite the public to file an opposition to the trademark registration in Nepal.

  • The opposition of Published Trademarks in Nepal

    Within the allotted time frame of three months following the date the Trademarks Journal publishes for trademark registration in Nepal, any person wishing to oppose the trademark registration form may send notice of opposition.

  • Certificate of Trademark Registration Issuance

    If the registrar is pleased with the trademark registration application, it will issue a trademark certificate. This certificate is valid for 7 years after the date of issue. Therefore, with our assistance, you can apply for the Madrid Protocol as well as a specific nation like Nepal.

  • Renewal

    The trademark certificate may be renewed an unlimited number of times, with each renewal term lasting seven days. If it is not renewed, it may be withdrawn from the registry due to non-renewal.

Benefits of Nepali Trademark Registration

  • It is useful to distinguish between the products or services provided by different businesses from those created by a particular company, corporation, or person.

  • Under the law governing trademark registration in Nepal, any person may have a right to any trademark of his trade or business.

  • Without the express written authorization of the party in whose name the trademark is registered, no brand may be used or copied in a fashion that attempts to influence the public in general.

  • If you possessed a trademark registration in Nepal, you could transfer ownership to someone else with the department's approval.

  • You should consider registering your trademark in Nepal to take advantage of these advantages because if anyone violates the rights of a registered trademark owner and uses a trademark that has been canceled by the department, they could be punished with a fine and have all goods associated with the offense seized.

  • If you had trademark registration in Nepal, the Department could force the person whose name the patent, design, or trademark was registered to pay a reasonable amount of the loss incurred due to the violation of the act by anybody to the person who had actually suffered from such loss and whose name the patent, design, or trademark was registered.


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