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Trademark Registration in Canada

The plethora of resources available to any investor makes it easy to start a business in Canada, which has the tenth-largest economy in the world. As the government provides numerous incentives for business owners to operate in Canada and as a result, many investors go here to start businesses. You may want to consider establishing a business in Canada, for which you would need to register a trademark, as it is a well-known nation that is a member of the G7 and ranks highly in the global index measuring how easy it is to do business there.

Therefore, you must register your trademark for your firm if you too want to start a business in Canada and safeguard the value of your brand while enhancing customer confidence and reputation. The greatest option for protecting your company's reputation is to register your trademark in Canada, which is also known as your brand name, logo, or design. In Canada, trademark registration is also referred to as design, logo, and brand name registration.

What is Trademark Registration in Canada?

In Canada, trademark registration is the process of securing legal protection for a trademark, which is a sign, symbol, design, or logo used to set one company's products or services apart from another. Strong marks that represent the brand, such as company names, logos, slogans, and brand names, must be included in the trademark application. The strength of the mark is measured by its distinctiveness, and the stronger the mark, the simpler it will be to enforce its exclusive use. Therefore, everyone who wants to launch a business in Canada must register their trademarks and designs there.

Under Canadian trademark legislation, anyone intending to register a trademark in Canada is required to have a Canadian address. Alternatively, you can contact us, the best Canadian trademark agent, who will help you complete the procedure quickly, easily, and affordably.

Eligibility Requirements for Canadian trademark Registration

  • The trademark must be unique and cannot be confusingly similar to any other trademarks already in use.

  • It should be suggested to be utilized in connection with particular products or services.

  • Under Canadian law, the trademark cannot be scandalous, indecent, or otherwise illegal.

  • To utilize a trademark for a logo, design, etc., the applicant must be the owner of the trademark.

  • Industrial designs cannot be protected legally in Canada without being registered, unlike copyright and trademarks.

Documents Required for Canadian Trademark Registration

  • A trademark drawing for design registration in Canada.

  • There is extra documentation needed for the Certification Mark.

  • To register a logo in Canada, a trademark registration application must be submitted to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO).

  • Must cooperate with a Canadian trademark agent or have a Canadian address.

Procedure for Trademark Registration in Canada

  • Choosing a unique trademark:

    The first step in registering a trademark in Canada is to select a powerful mark that best symbolizes your company's name, logo, tagline, color scheme, or design. The strength of a mark is assessed by its ability to enforce exclusive usage.

  • Performing trademark search:

    For design registration in Canada, the next step is to conduct a trademark search on the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) website to make sure the trademark is not currently being used by another party.

  • Filling of application:

    The following step is to submit an application for trademark registration to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office together with the necessary paperwork & a non-refundable fee for each trademark.

  • Reviewing of application:

    After submitting a trademark registration application, the CIPO will review it to ensure that it satisfies the registration requirements before approving it and issuing a trademark registration certificate.

  • Releases a certificate:

    The trademark will be registered and a certificate of registration will be issued if the trademark registration application is granted.

Benefits of Trademark Registration in Canada

  • The exclusive use of a trademark in Canada in connection with the products and services covered by the registration is made possible by the registration of a trademark there, which also confers priority rights over applications filed elsewhere.

  • A registered trademark owner in Canada is entitled to use their brand exclusively and is also able to pursue their trademark rights in that country. Therefore you must have design registration in Canada for your business.

  • Enforcing trademark rights might be less expensive when they are registered as opposed to unregistered trademarks. It also adds substantial value to your company.

  • A trademark or logo registration in Canada entitles the owner to register domain name in the same name.

  • Both a trademark assignment and a security agreement may be recorded in a registered trademark.

  • If you had design registration in Canada for your business, it would give you protection from third parties utilizing the mark and ultimately increase investor confidence in your company.

  • Trademark registration in Canada is good for 10 years and is subject to renewal every 10 years.

How Long does a Canadian Trademark Registration Last?

Since trademark registration in Canada is valid for 10 years from the date of registration and may be renewed within six months of its expiration, the trademark registration may be renewed every 10 years after the first 10-year period.

Trademark registration in Canada is valid for 15 years and may be renewed every 15 years for an additional 15 years by paying a renewal fee, according to trademark registration law. To guarantee that the trademark is still valid and enforceable, it is crucial to maintain track of the renewal date. You can contact our legal advisor for any assistance that will enable you to renew your trademark in Canada on time.

What is the Cost of Trademark Registration in Canada?

Several factors, including the type of application, the number of classes of goods or services, whether you use a trademark agent, and the type of trademark you want to file—which can be a word, phrase, symbol, design, combination, or both—can affect how much it costs to file a trademark registration application in Canada. The government fee for trademark or design registration in Canada is therefore $330 CAD for the first class of goods or services, which includes the first class of products or services that the trademark covers. Additional fees may be charged for additional classes or services.

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FAQs on Trademark Registration

The benefits of trademark registration in Canada include the exclusive right to use the mark throughout the country, priority rights in other countries, improved enforcement capabilities, and protection from unauthorized use that increases investor trust.
It is advised to conduct a thorough trademark search to confirm that the mark is eligible for use and registration and that no similar marks have previously been registered that might be used as grounds for rejection or application.
To ensure that all necessary documents are filed correctly and increase the likelihood of successful registration, it is necessary to hire a trademark agent. Additionally, in order to work in Canada, one must have a Canadian address in order to obtain trademark registration there.


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