Types of Trademarks Registered in the USA

The USPTO accepts applications for different types of trademarks, including traditional marks, non-traditional marks, and non-visual marks along with collective and certification marks.

Types of Trademarks

Following are the different types of trademarks accepted in the USA Trademark Registration Application Form:

1. Word Marks (“Standard Character” Drawings)

While applying for word marks, all letters and words in the mark are to be depicted in Latin and all numbers in the mark are to be depicted in either Roman or Arabic numerals. The mark should only have common punctuation or distinguishable marks. It should not include any design element. The letters and numbers shouldn’t be stylized.

2. Design Marks (Stylized wordings or designs)

While filing the registration application for design marks, the applicant should attach the image mandatorily in .jpg format, scanned at a resolution of 300 to 350 dots/inch, with a length and width of 250 and 944 pixels respectively. All lines must be clean, sharp, solid, not fine, or crowded and should be eligible to produce a high-quality image when copied.

3. Color Marks

While applying a trademark registration for color marks, the applicant must submit substantial proof of the attained distinctiveness. Color marks are visual marks and must be depicted in color drawings, accompanied by:

  • a color claim naming the color(s) that are part of the mark.
  • location statement of the color(s), i.e. where and how the mark features the respective color(s).
  • the generic name(s) of the color(S) should be used in the color claim and the location statement.

4. Shape Marks (3D marks; the configuration, shape, design of a product; product packaging)

While applying for different types of shape marks, the registration application must include a description of the mark indicating that a mark is three dimensional and its drawing, representing single retention of the mark in three dimensions.

5. Sound Marks

While applying for the sound marks, the application should have an attached audio file in the electronic format like .wav, .wmv, .mp3, .mpg, or .avi format, not exceeding 5 MB in size along with a detailed description of the sound, including words or lyrics.

6. Scent or Flavor Marks

While applying for scent or flavor marks, the applicant should submit the substantial proof of the acquired distinctiveness, a detailed written description of the scent of the flavor along with a specimen that contains the scent or flavor that matches the required description of the scent or the flavor.

7. Touch Marks

The mark must be represented graphically in the application for touch marks.

8.Motion Marks

While applying for the trademark registration of motion marks as a feature of the mark, the applicant must submit a drawing that portrays either a single point in the movement or up to five freeze frames representing the various points in the movement. The detailed description of the mark must also be attached to the application.

9. Collective Membership Marks

An application for Collective Membership Mark is filed when the mark is used by the members of a cooperative, an association, or any other collective group or an organization.

10. Certification Mark

Any word, name, symbol, and/or device used by a person other than its owner to certify regional or another origin, material, mode of manufacture, quality, accuracy, or other characteristics of a person’s goods or services or that the work or labor on the goods or services was performed by members of a union or other organization.

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