Provisional Patent Application: Expired Can be Refiled in US ?

A provisional patent application is a sort of a patent application that can be applied before the filing of a full utility application. The Provisional Patent section in Bitlaw gives a detailed description of the history and requirements for a provisional patent application in the United States. In meaning, a PPA is a temporary placeholder application. That offers an inventor to build the filing date of their invention with the US Patent and Trademark Office (the "USPTO"). A provisional application is never considered by the patent office. Rather, it helps [...]

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Trademark Registration in Spain

Introduction: Trademark Registration in Spain Trademark Registration in Spain is an easy and simplified process. To assure the ownership and distribution of goods and services in Spain. They need to be listed at the governmental institutions at either the national or the European level. The EU Trademarks and Designs Registration Office (OHIM) is the general good institution to register your trademark in Europe. Thanks to this institution, anyone can file a trademark application, though we suggest that you hire a firm with experience in the filing. It can conserve you time [...]

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How to Check your Trademark Status in the USA

Checking trademark status usa is a must to check when a find or action from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is demanded. Whether you are a candidate or a registrant, if you require to inquire into the status of a pending matter, you can do it by the USPTO directly. Trademark Registration in U.S.A Intellectual Property is growing important to get registered in today‘s business world. According to the USA trademark system, it’s described as a word, phrase, or logo that implies the supply of goods and [...]

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Trademark symbol: Why, How & When to Use ™, ®, ©

Companies often apply the trademark symbol “™” and “®” to display the standing of their trademarks. However they are used incorrectly, at times, and trademark owners may not be conscious of the fact that misuse can have significant consequences. In some countries such as Chile, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, the marking is compulsory, and that in the absence of marking with the symbol “®” a trademark registration cannot be opposed against third parties. For the countries where their usage is not mandatory, companies should consider this as a warning that the [...]

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What Can I Trademark: Everything you must know before filling

Your company is expanding and the quality of your goods or services has now given your enterprise an edge over the competition. In this article, we'll examine what a trademark & What can I Trademark? But, beyond proceeding to do what you've been doing? Are you strongly developing your business, maintain and support the integrity of your brand? More importantly, how do you build brand awareness while setting your brand's place in any given market? If you've thought to register a mark, you're on the right track. But, do you [...]

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What are Different Types of Patents?

Patents are an intellectual property that can protect your inventions & new discoveries that are new and non-obvious. There are 4 types of patent i.e. Utility, Design, Plant & Provisional Patent. All type of patent has its own eligibility specifications and protects a particular kind of invention. However, it's possible for one invention to likely have more than one kind of patent available for it. But before discussing the types of patent understand what is patent & what can be patented. What Is a Patent A patent is a right [...]

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Why Patent Seach is Important Prior to Filing ?

Would you go into a company without any preparation? Don't file a patent registration application until you have had a comprehensive patent search performed. Even you must understand patent search importance. A patent search is a significant step to take before filing a patent application. Just as you require to do due diligence before buying on any company venture, you expected to do your patent proper search before filing a patent application. Although there is an extra cost associated with have a patent search done, it can potentially save you [...]

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Trademark Process for all businesses worldwide – Trademarkcart

Trademark registering is a mandatory procedure to get done. The trademark process is comprehensive but gives assurity that your mark is registered and you can apply your logo on your products. We will discuss the formulated process in this article. But first, let's understand what is a trademark? What is a Trademark? Anything that is unique and innovative can be trademarked. Trademark is an intellectual property consisting of words, logo, numerals, slogan, device and many more. They all need to be recognized products or services of a particular source from that [...]

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Everything to know about Trademark Class

On the international base, there is about 45 classification in trademark classes. Trademarks are classified according to the goods or services which they cover. This is a very important part when you are applying trademark classification. To classify between the category of good service you are opting for your business. Trademark Classes: What Are They? The trademark classes are popularly known as Nice Classification.  The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) began using the International classes. The classification of goods and services is from 1-34 its category of good [...]

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Steps To Trademark Registration In Australia with TrademarkCart

As young entrepreneurs are looking forward to starting their own businesses registering Trademarks helps in protecting your company reputation, brand, and goodwill around the world. With the help of a trademark, the owner can easily make his or her business familiar to the target market. There are different types of trademarks that can be registered. They can be a representation of graphics, images, words, texts or a combination of these elements. An individual, company, body of persons (incorporated or unincorporated) or political body may own a trademark. In addition, an incorporated or unincorporated association [...]

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