By any chance that your idea has just been already patented in any place on the planet, your innovation isn’t unique and in this manner can’t be patented. A patent search report gives a rundown of existing and pending patents that are like yours. This can give you a superior understanding regarding whether your thought is novel and non-self-evident, two of the three prerequisites to be qualified for a patent. 

About Patent Search Reports

Patent searches shift by the measure of information that is searched through. A search of free patent databases, for example, from the US Patent Office site or Google Patents will just search through most US patents. In any case, even a worldwide patent could be utilized by a patent analyst at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to dismiss your patent application. Subsequently, it is significant that a search incorporates universal patents too. 

An expert playing out a patent search will realize how to distinguish just patents which are generally pertinent to innovation from the viewpoint of patent law. It is practically difficult to have a patent search think of no outcomes. This is on the grounds that it is the obligation of a searcher to discover anything comparable. For instance, in the event that you designed the container, a search report would distinguish a cup, a mug, a container, possibly a pail. An expert patent search report needs to distinguish any related developments that might keep your innovation from being patented. 

Know that discovering proof of innovations like your own doesn’t really mean your development can’t be patented. On the off chance that your innovation is extraordinarily unique, it might be viewed as a novel. As a rule, even adjustments of past creations can be patented if the adjustment is non-self-evident. For instance, Lemelson patented the camcorder however he didn’t create the VCR or the camera. What is considered non-evident is regularly extremely emotional. Lemelson was not allowed a patent to his camcorder on his first patent application accommodation. His application required alterations and contentions from his patent proficient before it was at long last endorsed. Regardless of whether you think a current development is like yours, it may not be viewed as evidence in the realm of patent law. Talk with an authorized patent proficient before excusing any thought.

What is a patent search? 

A patent search is a search of gave patents and distributed patent applications for developments that may be viewed as significant “earlier craftsmanship” references while applying for a patent. 

The earlier workmanship is anything in the open space, patented or not patented, that may decide if a creation is novel or not. 

A patent searcher surveys the drawings and content of patents and patent applications to discover developments that might be like an innovator’s new creation. 

The patent searcher utilizes the patent order framework, notwithstanding catchphrase searching, to discover important patents. 

Planet Patent likewise utilizes bleeding edge idle semantic examination (LSA) search innovation to thoughtfully search for your creation. (LSA might be incorporated with your search cost or for an additional charge on certain searches). 

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What sorts of patent searches are accessible? 

Oddity, assortment, encroachment (otherwise called non-encroachment), option to-utilize (otherwise called opportunity to work), best in class, and legitimacy (otherwise called weakness). 

What innovation regions do you have some expertise in? 

We represent considerable authority in aviation, business strategy, synthetic, electrical, hereditary, mechanical, clinical and programming patent searches. 

What are the firsts venture to begin a Planet Patent search? 

Step 1: Submit the Confidentiality Agreement. 

Step 2: Submit the Invention Disclosure. 

Step 3: We send you a firm cost quote for your audit. 

Step 4: If you acknowledge the statement complete the request with your protected installment on the web or disconnected. 

Online Payment Options 

Disconnected Payment Options 

What does a patent oddity search incorporate? 

A patent search report posting patents identified with your creation arranged by progressively pertinent to less significant. 

Patent search reports and PDF duplicates of referred to patents are sent by means of email. A printed version of the patent search report and referred to archives are additionally accessible upon demand for an additional expense. Cd duplicates of the search report and referred to records are accessible upon demand for no additional charge. 

A US Patent Office Examiner suggested the field of search for the new development is accessible upon demand for no additional charge. 

To what extent does a patent search take to finish? 

A patent search takes 1 to about fourteen days to finish in the wake of accepting drawings and a composed clarification of your innovation. 

What data about my innovation would it be a good idea for me to incorporate? 

Drawings, photographs, and content clarifying how your creation functions. 

Data that clarifies the business or setting where your development is utilized. 

Organization names of your known rivals or potential licensors. 

What amount does a patent search cost? 

A patent curiosity search for a mechanical development costs $400. This cost is for mechanical creations of normal multifaceted nature. See beneath for more information. Different kinds of patent searches are accessible, see our Patent Search Types and Prices page for more data. 

The hourly patent search rates: $100 60 minutes (cash is U.S. dollars). 

What are the installment choices? 

We acknowledge cash orders, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal.™ We additionally utilize a safe shopping basket for online requests.

11 reasons why you should do a patent search?  

  1.  Patent search abstains from investing energy and cash on a creation that has just been imagined. 
  2.  A patent search may help evaluate the patentability of an innovation before putting resources into a costly patent application process. 
  3. A patent search decides whether an organization’s new item being worked on will encroach on any patents that are in power, staying away from a costly patent encroachment claim. 
  4. Patent search may discover chances to enhance existing innovation “holes.” 
  5. A patent search may help find data on contenders or help in distinguishing potential accomplices. 
  6.  Patent search surveys the oddity of innovation before the US Patent and Trademark Office analyzes the patent application. (A US patent application takes on normal 2-3 years for the US Patent and Trademark Office to look at it.) 
  7. A patent search may help discredit a contender’s patent or patents. 
  8. Patent search may help decide the worth or legitimacy of a patent before buying, selling, or authorizing it. 
  9. A patent search may uncover slants in certain innovation zones. 
  10. A patent search may reveal lapsed patents on developments that are in then in the open area and consequently can be utilized without paying anybody sovereignty. 
  11. Patent search may give data to evaluate the quality of an organization’s patent portfolio. 


An expert patent search report is an important asset to have before documenting a patent application. In addition to the fact that it gives you a higher level of certainty towards documenting your patent application, the information picked up can support you and your patent proficient draft a compelling application to meet your security objectives.

Our team of IP lawyers and patent attorneys have vast experience in this area and would be happy to help with protecting your invention.

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