Provisional Patent Application: Expired Can be Refiled in US ?

A provisional patent application is a sort of a patent application that can be applied before the filing of a full utility application. The Provisional Patent section in Bitlaw gives a detailed description of the history and requirements for a provisional patent application in the United States. In meaning, a PPA is a temporary placeholder application. That offers an inventor to build the filing date of their invention with the US Patent and Trademark Office (the "USPTO"). A provisional application is never considered by the patent office. Rather, it helps [...]

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What are Different Types of Patents?

Patents are an intellectual property that can protect your inventions & new discoveries that are new and non-obvious. There are 4 types of patent i.e. Utility, Design, Plant & Provisional Patent. All type of patent has its own eligibility specifications and protects a particular kind of invention. However, it's possible for one invention to likely have more than one kind of patent available for it. But before discussing the types of patent understand what is patent & what can be patented. What Is a Patent A patent is a right [...]

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Why Patent Seach is Important Prior to Filing ?

Would you go into a company without any preparation? Don't file a patent registration application until you have had a comprehensive patent search performed. Even you must understand patent search importance. A patent search is a significant step to take before filing a patent application. Just as you require to do due diligence before buying on any company venture, you expected to do your patent proper search before filing a patent application. Although there is an extra cost associated with have a patent search done, it can potentially save you [...]

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