Provisional or Utility Patent: What’s the Difference?

Every Inventor should know about the differences between provisional or utility patent, whether you intend to file the documents yourself or get professional advice. But before that let's understand there the meaning of Provisional Patent & Utility Patent. Utility Patents Any device or process that is unique, valuable, and not obvious is eligible for a utility patent. It grants patent holders the right to create and benefit from their inventions. As well as charge a fee (royalty) for anyone permits and to create it for 20 years. In exchange for the [...]

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What are Provisional Patents & why do you need them?

Provisional patent application filling will get you a filing date, so you can hopefully be first to file before someone else. The speed to advertise is principal today. Regardless of whether you are an imaginative individual, inventor, business person, startup, medium-sized endeavor, or Fortune 500 organization, no uncertainty documenting licensed innovation rapidly after the origination of another invention, development, or administration is a flat out must. This is a standard position held by most specialists given that our patent framework is presently 'the first inventor to record' and not 'first [...]

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Patent Valuation and What Should You Know About It

Patent valuation is required for various reasons, including authorizing, deal, obtaining, joint endeavors, IP the board, and patent suit.  What is a patent? A patent is a significant practical part of intellectual property/IP rights, impalpable assets, and brands. As a rule, a patent identifies with creation or procedure which is unveiled and registered with an authority. As an end-result of this revelation, a restrictive right is then presented for the patent proprietor to keep others from utilizing or misusing the patent in a domain for a particular time of years.  [...]

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Everything to Know About Patent Search Reports

By any chance that your idea has just been already patented in any place on the planet, your innovation isn't unique and in this manner can't be patented. A patent search report gives a rundown of existing and pending patents that are like yours. This can give you a superior understanding regarding whether your thought is novel and non-self-evident, two of the three prerequisites to be qualified for a patent.  About Patent Search Reports Patent searches shift by the measure of information that is searched through. A search of free [...]

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Provisional Patent Or Non-provisional Patent: Which Choice is Right for You

Frequently, inventors have this problem in their mind which one is better- provisional patent or non-provisional patent. Inventors normally had to protect their inventions by filing a full patent application before the period of 1995. But after that, however, inventors were given an option to obtain a filing date for their invention i.e. the provisional patent application. Although a PPA costs more limited to register than a standard or non-provisional patent application, it doesn’t give all the security an inventor may think it does. That’s right for your invention. What [...]

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Patent Rejection: Top 3 Reasons for Receiving a Patent “Office Action

Patent Rejection is very common. The chances of predicting uncertainty in your patent application are often difficult and hard to find. If we take an example of the IP industry, the inventor puts all of his or her efforts to create and finalize the patent application. But not all become successful in getting a patent registered. Therefore, it is important to understand the reasons why your patent application gets rejected by the patent examiner. Patent Rejection Sometimes, patent inventors often get confused about what rejection means due to a lack [...]

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Provisional Patent or Non-Provisional Patent?

A decent innovation is uncommon. That glimmer of genius is temporary so be prepared to secure it when it comes. Exercise one: the contrast between the provisional patent and non-provisional patent. Documenting a provisional patent application gives designers adaptability to rapidly secure an innovation. The provisional patent application is only the start and you will require a non-provisional patent to secure your blaze of a virtuoso. Introduction to a provisional or non-provisional patent Knowing the contrast between a provisional patent application and a non-provisional patent application will assist you with [...]

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Provisional Patent Application Status: How to check the status of application?

Provisional Patent Application Status can be checked or viewed a few weeks after filing a provisional patent application you must get an official filing receipt from the United States patent office. If there is any deficiency with the patent application such as a failure to pay fees then you will also get a notice from the United States patent office giving you a time limit within that you must submit the fees to avoid abandonment. Once all things are in order, the provisional patent application automatically stops within one year. [...]

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Design Patent Application: Apply to Patent and protect the design

Design Patent Application preserves the beautiful presentation of an article or product. This can add the product’s form, shape, and/or surface ornamentation. Design patents are restricted to the appearance of the product and do not cover basic or functional features or innovations. A design patent in the US has a term of 15 years from Patent Office issuance. What is an international design patent? The Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs allows registering a design in countries that are a member of the Hague Agreement. Thereby, the candidate [...]

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PCT Application: Procedure, Cost & Benefits

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) gives us a summary of an international treaty that is duly regulated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is an international treaty with higher than 148 Contracting States. It is managed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The PCT is a universal agreement that gives a framework for recording a patent application and allows us to get licenses in many nations around the globe based on a solitary patent application. In this article, we will be discussing the [...]

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