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Trademark Registration in Switzerland

A trademark is a special symbol, logo, letter, or alphabet that is created by an individual or a business for their global and market-specific branding. According to the worldwide categorization system, there are 45 kinds of trademarks, which are separated into goods and services. Products or services can be registered as trademarks in Switzerland.

The ® symbol is used with the trademark to provide legal protection for all brands who want to register their trademarks, and there are exclusive rights to use the trademark across Switzerland to market goods and services.

Therefore, if you're looking for the best lawyer worldwide to help you register your business in Switzerland, you've come to the correct spot. We can help you register your trademarks both individually and in accordance with the Madrid Protocol.

You can only verify your trademark applications via the Swiss database in German, French, or Italian if you wish to see if your trademark has already been registered with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI).

Switzerland trademark registration Additionally, it lists all registered, canceled, and current Swiss trademarks and trademark applications having Swiss legal protection.

Additionally, it offers more details about a trademark creator's IP rights, enabling you to determine whether your sign infringes on the rights of third parties.

Even if you are a more casual user, trademark registration in Switzerland gives you advanced options in a more targeted manner and the ability to search for similar terms.

Paperwork Needed to Register a Trademark in Switzerland

  • Applicant information.

  • Representation of the brand using a jpeg file or a figurative image.

  • Italian, French, or German lists of the goods and services for trademark registration in Switzerland.

  • A replica of a power of attorney that has been signed and dated for trademark registration in Switzerland.

  • Priority Document for claimed priority, in scanned form.

Steps for Registering A Trademark in Switzerland

  • Searching the Database

    The first step for trademark registration in Switzerland is to trademark search to avoid any duplication in trademarks because there is always a chance that there is already a registered trademark in the market with similar or identical trademarks which can result in infringement disputes later on, so it is always advised to do your research in advance.

  • Select the Trademark Class

    The next step is to select the trademark class that best suits your line of work. In Switzerland, you can file multiple-class trademark applications at this point.

  • Trademark Application

    The following step is to complete a trademark application, which must be done online on Switzerland's official websites. This application, along with the necessary paperwork, requires a small deposit to get the trademark registration process started in Switzerland.

  • Fees for Trademark Registration

    Fees for trademark registration must then be made as deposits at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) in order to register a trademark in Switzerland.

  • Examination

    The following step is to examine the application to see whether any violations of the trademark application's deceptive or descriptive language—or any other grounds for rejection—occur. The registrar reviews and inspects the complete application.

  • Publish it in a Trademark Law Journal

    After reviewing the application, the registrar will publish it in a trademark law journal, the Swiss Trademark Register, and the Official Gazette of Commerce (SOGC), allowing any third party to object to the application.The time limit to file a response is 5 months from the date the Office issues the provisional refusal, which can be extended as well. The response can be written in German, French, or Italian.

  • Opposition

    If there is any opposition within 3 months of being published in a trademark law journal due to trademark infringement, then there would be thorough investigations depending on the facts you have provided to use or not to use. If the petitioner is unsatisfied with the modification, they have two months to file an appeal with the Federal Administrative Court.

  • Issue a Trademark Registration Certificate

    The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) will register the trademark in the Swiss Trademark Register once the entire process has been successfully completed. If the registrar is pleased with the applicant's hearing and response, it will then issue a trademark registration certificate to a citizen of Switzerland. We are here to help you register a trademark in Switzerland without any problem or delay because we offer both individual and Madrid Protocol registration.

Validity Term and Trademark Renewal

The trademark registration in Switzerland is valid for ten years from the filing date of the trademark registration, and it may be renewed by paying an additional official surcharge fee within six months of the validity term's expiration but no later than six months after that. As the greatest Swiss trademark lawyer in the world, the trademark cart can assist you if you are looking to submit a trademark prosecution in Switzerland. We can also make the registration process simpler and faster for you.

Cancellation of the Certificate of Trademark Registration

If it is not used within five years after the opposition period's expiration or after the opposition process is through, it may be canceled at any time.


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