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Trademark Registration in Bhutan

Bhutan is referred to as the "Kingdom of Bhutan," a developing nation in South Asia that is renowned for its economic freedom, peace, low levels of corruption, and the highest per capita income in the region.

Bhutan maintains diplomatic ties with the European Union as well as more than 50 other nations across the world. It is a member of the UN, BIMSTEC, NAM, SAARC, and other organizations. The most advanced and quickly developing sectors of Bhutan's economy are diverse industries like agriculture and forestry, hydroelectricity, tourism, cement, and minerals, among others.

For engaging in commercial activity that is permitted by state law, trademark registration in Bhutan is required. Therefore, if you want to start a business in Bhutan and sell goods or provide services there, you must register your trademark to set your products apart from those of your rivals. If you do not, your business will be illegal and subject to administrative sanctions.

Therefore, if you intend to open a business in Bhutan and want to set it apart from the competition, register your items as trademarks as soon as you can. Hiring legal experts, trust lawyers or professional lawyers who promise all clients free legal counsel as well as a comprehensive variety of services to acquire a favorable response for your application for trademark registration in Bhutan would make it much simpler for you to register a trademark there.

Trademark in Bhutan

The Industrial Property Regulations of 1997 and the Industrial Property Division (IPD), which is housed within the Ministry of Economic Affairs, are relevant to trademark registration in Bhutan on a national level.

Symbols, signs, phrases, and figures, as well as their combinations in any order, proper names, photographs, plans, graphs, and diagrams, all fall under the definition of a trademark.

The main trademark services in Bhutan are offered by our knowledgeable and friendly trademark attorneys, who are here to assist entities from Bhutan and other nations around the world. These services include domestic and international trademark registrations of local business entities, as well as international trademark registrations of foreign entities from other nations. Trademark renewals, oppositions, prosecution for a variety of goals, trademark watch and monitoring, and trademark infringement litigation are all common in Bhutan. Therefore, if you're interested in using this type of trademark service in Bhutan, speak with a professional advisor at Trademarkcart who can offer you comprehensive advice and a guarantee.

Jurisdiction of Bhutan

The international filing of trademark applications is required under either of the following systems—the TRIPS Agreement, Paris Convention, or Madrid Protocol—depending on the targeted foreign countries, for both international trademark registrations of entities located in Bhutan as well as for international trademark registrations in Bhutan of foreign entities located outside Bhutan.

  • It is distinguished by the application's shorter consideration period, which is limited to a year.

  • The logo is examined for distinctiveness before a reconciliation is done with trademarks that are in use on Bhutanese soil.

  • They will receive a trademark registered certificate if their application for trademark registration in Bhutan is approved, allowing them to open branches inside any city in the state but not outside of it.

  • Bhutan is one of the 97 nations that have ratified the Madrid Protocol and the Agreement, therefore it is feasible to submit a single trademark registration application and a single set of official documents there for use in all other nations from the protocol registry's registry in the future.

  • In order to obtain a trademark registration certificate in Bhutan, there are limitations on the time allowed for consideration of trademark applications. The process cannot last longer than 18 months, and all 97 state-issued logos must be reconciled.

Requirements for Logo Registration in Bhutan

  • The use of state symbols or their components is prohibited under the terms of the Madrid Agreement in order to get a trademark registration certificate in Bhutan.

  • Application of catchphrases, quotations, statements, or the names and designations of renowned individuals or organizations without the consent of the latter.

  • Use of the emblem in ways that incite war, terrorism, extremism, or breaking the law is likewise prohibited.

  • Application of potentially offensive features along with the inclusion of immoral data on the trademark.

Bhutan Trademark Registration Paperwork Requirements

  • The applicant(s)' name, address, nationality, and place of residence.

  • Power of attorney for Bhutanese trademark registration.

  • Classification and product/service definition.

  • A4-size copies for the wordmark, device marking, and color marking.

  • A certified copy of the priority home application.

Process for Trademark Registration in Bhutan

  • Creating Trademark

    For company formation in Bhutan in the desired economic domains, the first stage in trademark registration in Bhutan is the creation of distinctive and distinctive trademarks or service marks.

  • Choosing of Class

    The second step in the process of registering a trademark in Bhutan is to assign the newly created trademarks or service marks to the correct classes according to the most recent Nice Classification of Goods and Services.

  • Trademark Search

    Next, the necessary form is examined to see whether the trademarks are distinctively original in Bhutan.

  • Filling Application

    After completing the aforementioned stages, the final step is to submit a trademark application along with all necessary paperwork for trademark registration.

  • Examination of Trademark Application

    Once the trademark application has been completed, the following step is to send it for verification in order to persuade the trademark examiner or registrar to accept the application.

  • Trademark Opposition

    If the registrar is not pleased with your trademark application, it will raise a trademark opposition, which may result in the rejection of your application or a request for a hearing to provide further information.

  • Trademark Certificate

    Obtaining the certificate of trademark registration in Bhutan is the following stage, which must be successfully completed after completing the processes above.

Why Use Trademarkcart for Bhutan Trademark Registration?

On behalf of organizations based in and outside of this naturally wealthy and well-connected country in South Asia, our punctilious and prompt trademark lawyers provide the following services for trademark registration in Bhutan, including expert trademark prosecution for observing all phases of the trademark registration process.

Our expert will guide you through the entire procedure, conduct a preliminary examination of the symbol for compliance with all requirements, and compile a complete bundle of documentation in addition to assisting you in choosing the method of trademark registration. The following is a list of the services we offer for the Bhutanese trademark registration process:

  • Free Consultation

    The first step is getting a free consultation from our experts & we will assist you in selecting the most optimal class under the ICGS for trademark registration in Bhutan.

  • Preliminary Check

    hen our lawyers will carry out an expert assessment of the emblem/logo/TM that ensures all the requirements are correct & are not a resemblance between your trademark and already registered ™.

  • Filling of Application

    We file a trademark registration application form on your behalf in the absence of your presence along with necessary documents including a statement of use.

  • Registration

    We also verified your application along with documents by the government official registrar & provide you with timely updates.

  • Payment

    After completing the application for trademark registration, the following step is to make a payment. We offer the most convenient payment method.

  • Getting a Certificate

    You can get your certificate of trademark registration delivered to you via mail or a courier service.


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