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Trademark Registration in Bangladesh

The right to business development in the country under the state's laws is provided through trademark registration in Bangladesh. The trademark law of Bangladesh only permits one form of trademark registration.

It suggests that in order to expand the new TM's use to neighboring republics within national borders, a fresh application must be submitted. Bangladesh is not a part of the Madrid Agreement's economic zone, but the Paris Convention's rules provide legal protection for TM there.

Therefore, with the assistance of a legal advisor from TrademarkCart, you may also apply for Trademark registration in Bangladesh.

Procedure for Trademark Registration in Bangladesh

  • Trademark Application

    A trademark application may only be submitted for a single class; multiple-class trademarks are not permitted. Within six months of the priority date, an application or priority trademark application claiming priority for trademark registration in Bangladesh may also be submitted there.

  • Issuance of Office Action

    After an application is submitted, the Registrar reviews it for distinctiveness, deceptiveness, and conflicting trademarks. During this time, if any objections are raised, the government will either accept or reject the application, depending on the provisions of the ordinance for trademark registration in Bangladesh, which will be issued within 6 months to a year.

  • Objections

    The applicant must respond appropriately and provide supporting documentation to any objections raised by the Registrar within 90 days of receiving them. The Registrar may accept or reject the applicant's response, or a hearing may be scheduled.

  • Hearing

    The applicant has one month from the date of such communication to the registrar to file an appeal with all the relevant facts and figures against the registrar's ruling at the hearing.

  • Publication of Trademark

    If it is approved, it will be published online at the Registry's website in the official Trademarks Journal for Bangladeshi trademark registration.

  • Opposition of Published Trademark

    To register a trademark in Bangladesh, a party must file a notice of opposition within the allotted time frame of two months following the day the Trademarks Journal was published and made available to the public.

  • Trademark Registration Certificate

    A trademark certificate is issued for trademark registration in Bangladesh. If there is no opposition, the trademark application will move forward to registration. The mark will then be registered for a period of seven years from the date the trademark application was filed.

  • Renewal of Trademark

    The trademark application may be extended indefinitely by paying the renewal cost, which has a 10-year term.

Cost of Registering a Trademark in Bangladesh

The cost of registering a trademark might vary depending on a number of variables that the attorney will discuss with you during your specific consultation, such as the type of business being used or how frequently an application has been denied.

Bangladeshi Trademark Refusal Reasons

  • For trademark registration in Bangladesh, the mark is identical to a prior trademark for related goods or services.

  • In relation to certain goods and services, the mark is identical to an earlier trademark.

  • When applying for trademark registration in Bangladesh, the mark is recognized as the name of any single chemical element or compound.

  • If the owner of the earlier trademark agrees to the use of the later mark for trademark registration in Bangladesh, the aforementioned marks may be registered.

Why choose TrademarkCart for Bangladesh Trademark Registration?

  • In order to speed up the process of getting permission for business activity for trademark registration in Bangladesh, our lawyers are actively involved in filling out applications and monitoring all stages of the procedure.

  • Our solicitors are also collecting the relevant paperwork from tax authorities, private organizations, accounting departments, and other routine business divisions.

  • Then we used to conduct verification for the accuracy of the compilation with Bangladeshi legislation, with all forms approved and all forms translated into the official language of the foreign state.

  • It may take up to 24 months for the application to be considered, but this period can be shortened if there aren't any lines, and most of the time is wasted on determining whether the company's logo is truly distinctive.


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