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Trademark Registration Dubai, UAE

In the UAE, the registration of trademarks and other intellectual properties is made at the Trademark Section of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. The application must be filled by an individual/company/organization with a registered address in the UAE. Trademark applications are filed in Arabic, together with 14 specimen drawings of each mark. The application may be registered by locally licensed legal consultants in Dubai, UAE. We have our offices in Dubai and we will provide complete assistance in filing your trademark registration application. A trademark which is registered in Dubai is also registered in all the 7 emirates.

The Ministry will carry out the required checking in case of the application for trademark registration and will issue an examination report that will indicate whether further information must be given or whether there are any provisions, conditions, or restrictions in connection with the prospective of trademark registration. The Ministry usually calls upon the applicant to respond to such reports within a specific period.

Our expert team will make sure that your chosen trademark can be used and registered in the right class. The chosen trademark is published in the UAE Trademark Bulletin and, if there are no problems and the trademark is accepted, the applicant gets a trademark registration certificate.

Trademarks need verification of original creation and not a copy of somebody else’s since trademark infringement can happen automatically. In the UAE, a trademark search must be done before the application is even transferred to the concerned Dubai trademark registration authority’s office.

If you want to register a trademark in Dubai, with legal assistance – Trademarkcart is the best service provider of Trademark Registration. Our advisors can assist you to submit the application using a power of attorney issued especially for this purpose. Take help from our expert team and they will provide you a completely hassle-free service.

What Can Be Trademarked?

Who Can Apply For Trademarked ?

Any person or business claiming to be owner can apply for a trademark including :

  • Individual
  • Company
  • Proprietor
  • Society

It is preferable that you apply for the trademark as an individual. In a case of a proprietor or company, if you close or change the name of the business, your trademark will become invalid. However, in a case of individual, this problem won’t arise.

U.A.E Trademark Law

Federal Law No. (37) Of 1992 on trademarks was published to see the importance and benefits of trademark protection for a well-to-do local economy. The law, which was revised by Law No. (19) Of 2000 and Law No. (8) Of 2002, protects registered trademarks in the UAE and intends to protect the interests of both businesses and consumers in the country. The law contains the definition of trademarks, signs that cannot be registered as trademarks, trademark registration and cancellation procedures, change of ownership and mortgage of trademarks, licensing others to use trademarks, fines for trademark law infringement, and general and transitory terms.

Articles of the Law: Some of the key articles of the trademark law include:

  • Article (19): The period of protection given, after the registration of a trademark is 10 years which can be renewed for a continuous period of 10 years by applying within the last year of the protection period following the terms and conditions established by this law and it’s official regulations.

  • Article (20): The Ministry can exclude a registered trademark forthwith after informing the concerned party about the reasons for removal, listening to their explanations, and considering their defense. The affected parties can appeal for the removal decision at the proper civil court within 30 days from the date of notification about the removal.

  • Articles (37) and (38): Articles (37) and (38) details the penalties for breaking the trademark law. The following acts will attract imprisonment and/or a fine of at least AED 5,000.

Besides, article (38) gives a jail term not exceeding 1 year and a penalty of not less than AED 5,000 and not more than AED 10,000 or one of these punishments to anyone who uses a trademark that may not be registered as per the terms of this law or illegally writes statements on trademarks or commercial papers providing a false impression that the person keeps a registered trademark.

Trademark class system

Trademarks are registered under a ‘class’ system in the UAE. Each trademark class covers various products and services. There are 45 international classes and it is likely to register trademarks in 44 classes in the UAE. A separate application is needed for registration of a trademark in each class. It may be costly and unnecessary for you to register your trademark in classes that are not relevant to your goods or services. Thus, choosing the correct class is critical for necessary protection and avoiding unnecessary costs.  Trademarkcart takes this responsibility when filing your application. The classes are divided into two categories that are Goods and Services.

Goods and Services are described for Trademark Registration in UAE

  • The international classification of goods and services, under the Nice Agreement, which consists of 45 classes has been adopted in the United Arab Emirates (the exceptions are classes 32 and 33).

  • The applicant cannot seek a trademark for the protection of alcoholic beverages.

  • An applicant needs to file a separate application for different classes of the trademark.

  • It might be possible to protect similar trademarks with the main trademark (as associated trademarks for the same owner). This may be possible where the main elements are similar and the differences are irrelevant.

Procedure For Trademark Registration

Step Registering Trademark in U.A.E

Benefits of Trademark registration in UAE

  • By using our trademark registration services, you get the legal rights to use a particular mark in respect of the goods or services comprised by it. Registering a trademark provides the proprietor, the authority to sue for infringement upon illegal use.

  • Getting accused by another party for trademark infringement is terrible for any business owner – registering a trademark protects you from such troubles.

  • Registering a trademark provides you concrete proof of your authorized protected rights.

  • A trademark is an asset that can be authorized, franchised, and even sold. As your business grows, the cost of your trademark will also increase.

  • A trademark can work as an effective communication tool for your business and can assist you to convey your company’s emotional attributes, vision, and information to the audience.

  • To take advantage of the benefits that come with trademark registration in Dubai, administrators and investors should team up with reputable companies to help them get the right licenses and work efficiently.

  • Trademark registration provides you geographical coverage. Registering your trademark normally gives you nationwide protection rather than rights that are limited to the specific areas or regions in which you trade.

  • Further, if you want to grow overseas, this provides you a good platform to gain rights in other countries, even before you commence trading in those countries.

Documents required for Trademark Registration in UAE

What Is Included In Our Package?

  • Consultation
  • Application Preparation
  • Name search & approval
  • Application Filing
  • Same day Filing
Trademark SearchFree
Trademark Consultancy on Class and AvailabilityFree
TM Application Filing + Drafting (Our Fees)$ 1099
Total Cost + Govt. Fees$ 1099

Validity of Trademark Registration in UAE

In the UAE, a registered trademark will be lawfully protected for 10 years from the date of it’s approved registration. After 10 years, if the owner wishes for further expansion for it to be kept operational, further official charges are to be paid to the UAE Ministry of Economy.

When the renewal is not done as soon as possible, there will still be a grace period of 6 months. It must also be seen that a registered trademark can be asked to be cancelled by any interested party if the said trademark is not used for 5 consecutive years in the UAE from the date of it’s filing.

Trademark protection in the UAE

  • The Trademark Regime of UAE is based on the principle of  “First to file”. The mere usage of a Trademark does not create any right in favor of the user.

  • The position of unregistered users of Trademarks in the UAE is unprotected. Under UAE law the unregistered trademark carries no protection.

  • The position of any party using an unregistered Trademark for a long period becomes highly risky, if another party with the misleading (legal for fraudulent) intention takes priority in filing and securing the Registration of a similar or identical trademark.

  • In this scenario “the prior use” of a Trademark could be the ground for opposing the Application or cancellation of a misleading registered Trademark.

  • However, the same is least entertained ground under the UAE Trademark regime and unstable enough not to prevent the other party from using or infringing the Trademark.

  • According to the UAE Trademark laws, everyone who is using or has developed a trademark and intends to use the same must get the Trademark registration in Dubai at their earliest.

  • The Trademarks Law (37/1992) of UAE provides, the Owner of the Trademark, with all possible protection.

  • The owner of a Trademark can hold all rights over a Trademark and exclude the interference of everyone else. Also, can enforce his rights upon the unauthorized use of a similar trademark about the same goods or services.

  • And, they can stop fraud and fake goods or services from starting UAE markets by law enforcement agencies.

Trademark Renewal in U.A.E

Trademark registration is valid for up to 10 years from the filing date of the application and is renewable for similar periods. The renewal fees of a trademark registration can be given in the final year of the registered period. Also, a grace period of three months is acceptable for the late renewal of a trademark with a fine. The renewal of a trademark is also printed in the Trademark Journal and also in 2 local daily Arabic newspapers.

Once your UAE trademark renewal is finished, your trademark registration is continued. Your trademark registration gets an expansion for a decade. You can now securely use your trademark for advertising your company and brand in the international market.

Requirements for Renewal Process:

  • The application form or the renewal form is required. This form assists you to apply officially for your trademark renewal.

  • An agent who would look and keep you updated on all the paperwork and renewal processes. You should make sure that your mark is well protected. If you are seeking the help of an agent, you must provide them with an owner’s signature on the registration certificate.

  • The original registration certificate is also important. You should provide the authority with the original or photocopy whatever seems necessary.

  • Deposit the requisite amount of fees so that you do not face any delay.

  • You also need a power of attorney and an ID or address proof.

You would not be allowed to file a report against any duplicity if you do not renew your trademark. A registered trademark gives you the legal benefit of being the trademark owner. You should file for trademark renewal before the time has elapsed.

Trademarkcart assists you in renewing your trademark license or registration without much delay. To avoid any kind of trouble, get your trademark renewable done as fast as possible. It is simple and very easy to handle.

Difference in copyright and trademark in UAE

Registration process10 – 12 months Ministry of Economy6 months –
US Copyright office10 days – INTEROCO European Copyright Office
Certificate validity time10 years
(further extension needs additional fees)
During the life of author and 50 years after his death
Region covered by certificateOnly UAE167 countries members
of Bern Convention
(UAE is member of Bern Convention since 2004)
Economy branches covered by certificatesOnly registered
in certificates classes/ branches (total 45 classes, for each class should be paid additional official fee)
For all branches/classes of economy
Who can be an authorAuthorship for trademarks not possibleAuthor could be
private individual
Who can be right holderOnly legal entity (company, organization)Private individual or legal entity (simultaneously partially ownership by physical persons and companies is allowed)
Registering organizationUAE Ministry of EconomyInternational Copyright Office (INTREROCO) US Copyright Office
Official state body for intellectual property rights protection1. Competition
Regulation Committee (Ministry of Economy)
2. Dubai Courts
Dubai Courts
Responsibility for intellectual property right violationPenalties and
product confiscation
1. Penalties and product confiscation
2. Criminal responsibility (imprisonment)

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