Trademark Office Action Response

If you get an Office action seeing problems with your trademark application, you can often address or resolve the issues by filing a timely response.

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What is Trademark Office Action Response?

When your trademark registration application is submitted to the USPTO, it will be given to an examining attorney for inspection. If more data is needed or there are difficulties with your application, the examining attorney will send an official letter, called an Office action, to tell you that there is a problem. Your application will not proceed any further until you answer to the Office action.

Responses to Office Actions must be received within 6 months of the mailing date printed on the Office Action document. There are no delays to this deadline.

Types of Office Actions

There are two types of Office actions:

  • A non-final Office action tells you of an issue for the first time

  • A final Office action is sent if your response to a previous Office action did not solve the issue that was recognized. The only way to respond to a final Office action is to comply with the provisions included in the letter or to apply to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Procedure to Respond to Office Actions

Filing a Response

Your response to an Office action must specify the problem to the satisfaction of the examining attorney. Otherwise, you risk having your trademark application rejected. Because of this, and because the difficulties with your application may be hard to resolve, you may want to ask the advice of a trademark attorney before replying to an Office action.

In most cases, the USPTO must get your response within 6 months of the mailing date on the Office action, except if the letter defines a different deadline. The deadline is necessary: It cannot be increased and, if you miss the deadline, your trademark application will be rejected.

The USPTO favors getting answers to Office actions online by their Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS), though you can also submit a reply by fax or mail. The USPTO website has information on how to submit a response.

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Responding to Office Actions

How To Respond to Your Office Action

Reasons for receiving Office Action

There are many reasons that you may get an Office action. They include:

  • Your application may have technical errors, such as grammatical problems that cause the information to be unclear.

  • You may have entered an incomplete sample showing how the trademark will be used.

  • The examining attorney may think that your mark will possibly create confusion with an already registered mark or with a mark for which an application was filed first than yours.

  • You may be trying to trademark something that cannot be trademarked, such as a general or detailed name for an item.

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