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Trademark Registration in European Union. Register your trademark name, slogan, or logo today

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  • Starts at $49 + govt fee

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What Is Included In Our Package?

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Procedure For Trademark Registration

Search you trademark in 3 simple steps

Step 1
Complete our trademark form.
Step 2
We will generate your Trademark application
Step 3
Final Wrap-Up of your Trademark Order.

Documents Required

  • A clear drawing/representation of the mark
  • Complete Listing of Goods/Services
  • Translation & Meaning of Non-English words (if any)
  • Date of First Use of Trademark
  • Particulars of Priority Claims (if any)

Who Can Apply For Trademarked ?

Any person or business claiming to be owner can apply for a trademark including :

  • Individual
  • Company
  • Proprietor
  • Society

It is preferable that you apply for the trademark as an individual. In a case of a proprietor or company, if you close or change the name of the business, your trademark will become invalid. However, in a case of individual, this problem won’t arise.

What Can Be Trademarked?



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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I want to trademark my nonprofit, social media group or social club?
If you are eligible and fulfill all the requirements then you can trademark your name, logo, and slogan of your nonprofit or social group even if it is done through social media.
Class 36 is for charitable fundraising services.
Others under class 41 as social club services that arrange organize social services.
2. What is a trademark and why do I need it?
A Trademark, for the most part, alludes to a “brand” or “logo”. Trademark registration in European Union can likewise be acquired for a business name, slogans or inscriptions.
Trademarks, for example, Coca-Cola, HP, Canon, Nike, and Adidas fill in as a sign of source of the merchandise and also a sign of value.
Registration of an organization or business name under the Companies Act does not in itself give security against other people who may begin utilizing identical or comparative imprints.
3. What’s the difference between copyright, patent, and trademark?
  1. Trademark: Business and item proprietors petition for a trademark. It ensures a name, word, motto, image, outline, or potentially picture recognizing a business or mark and recognizing it from others in a similar field.
  2. Copyright: It can be looked for by creators, craftsmen, choreographers, draftsmen, and other creative experts. While a thought can’t be copyrighted, the tangible form of a thought can be. This incorporates unique works of origin, photos, models, choreography, building works, sound chronicles, movies, and other innovative works.
  3. Patent: Innovators and designers file for licenses. A patent secures inventions with another or enhanced capacity. This incorporates machines, procedures, or substance pieces, or the plan for some item.
4. What is a common law trademark and why do I need to apply for trademark registration in European Union for my mark?
You obtain common law trademark rights just by utilizing routinely your trademark in your business. You can reinforce those rights by enrolling your trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, or authority.
The rights of common law trademark go directly to the business that uses the trademark first. Also, you can just authorize a common law trademark in the geographic region where the trademark is utilized.
Advantages to registering your mark:

  1. Across the nation security
  2. The assumed legitimacy of the mark in the event that you need to sue
  3. Extra cures in court
  4. May expand the reputation of your organization
  5. Registration with the authority will dishearten others from attempting to utilize your mark
5. What makes a good name?
The authority will not approve every name for a trademark. Under trademark law, names can be placed into four general categories:

  1. Generic
    Generic terms, which will never be equipped for Registration. A Generic expression is a term, the importance of which is synonymous with the products (or services) themselves.
    Such nonexclusive terms are unequipped for recognizing the products or services of one substance from those of another
  2. Descriptive
    A mark is descriptive on the off chance that it is descriptive of: the nature or quality of the merchandise; the planned reason or capacity of the services; or the end impact upon the client.
    However, these terms cannot get Federal Registration unless, over a time of years, the terms have obtained an extraordinary, identifiable significance in the brains of the public (that is, an “optional importance”
  3. Suggestive
    A “Suggestive” mark is one which only recommends some quality or characteristic of the services. On the off chance that the mark is resolved to be suggestive, and non-descriptive, the mark is qualified for Federal Registration and to the same security as a “distinctive” mark.
    You should bend over backward to create arbitrary and fanciful Trademarks.
    Suggestive terms make for exceptionally frail trademarks and ought to stay away from at whatever point conceivable.
  4. Distinctive or Arbitrary or Fanciful
    Usually, the most effortlessly Registerable and protectable mark are those which are viewed as “distinctive”.
    Between the two extremes lie “Suggestive Marks” and “Descriptive Terms”.
    Descriptive and generic terms ought to never be utilized as trademarks.
    An exertion ought to be made to stay away from use in the trademark of terms which have a particular significance in the pertinent business since such terms tend to make a mark either descriptive or suggestive.
6. What information will I need to provide for Trademark registration in European Union?
For trademark or trademark registration in European Union, the applicant needs to prove the information such as:

  1. The actual mark you want to use.
  2. The date you first use used the mark in commerce.
  3. The date you first shared the mark anywhere.
  4. Copy of the proof which shows you are using the particular mark in commerce.
  5. The full official and legal name of the owner of the mark.
7. What are the different kinds of Mark?
Mark can be a picture of your product or a website advertising your services.Kinds of marks are:

  1. Trademark
    It refers to the name, logo, or slogan related to the sale of goods.
  2. Service Mark
    It refers to the name, logo, or slogan related to the services.
8. Why there is need to search for a similar Trademark registration in European Union?
It is important to check whether the similar trademark registration in European Union.
The search will help to avoid the duplication of a similar trademark registration in European Union.
If you go ahead without search then remember if your application gets rejected the fee will not be refundable by authority
9. What is the difference between use and intent to use?
If you are already selling your product and services, you will file a use-based trademark. When your mark is not in use, you will file “intent-to-use” application.
10. Why is trademark a name or logo?
Each filing required its own Government filling and processing fees which will be more than $600. Most of the people start with their logo but it will be preferable if you start with your name. Because protecting your name gives you broadcast protection even if someone tries to use your name with their unique logo.
A mark for your logo protects the exact shape, color, orientation, stylization. Moreover, people are much likely to change their logo, not their name.
11. I was allowed to incorporate with my name, why is that not enough?
Most states allow you to incorporate the name of your own choice as long as it does not conflict with another name. While actually using the name to sell a product or service may give you a common law trademark right, being allowed to use a company name does not give you any trademark right.
You cannot rely on the ability of the trademark with the authority as a guarantee that your state will let you use that name as a corporate name.
12. How do I decide which category to use?
The category is also known as an international category to use your registration in order to identify your goods and services. Check out the TrademarkCart’s User Manual to see broader descriptions of each available category.In order to decide the category, you need to decide if you are selling goods or services.A registered trademark protects you just in the category you use.
13. How to choose the Right category?
  1. Determine whether you are selling goods or services.
  2. Focused on the finished product to the consumer, not on the ingredients of goods and services.
  3. Try to be accurate as possible because if you file in the wrong class it may become the reason for the rejection of your application by authority.
  4. From TrademarkCart’s drop-down menu select the most accurate category.
14. How to decide what description to use?
The description is necessary your goods and services to select the category of your mark. In the description, you need to provide an explanation which will better describe your business. Do not exaggerate the description you just need to provide the important and main points.
15. How to describe your goods and services?
  1. Don’t be too narrow or too broad because it might become the reason for the rejection of your application.
  2. Do not use the phrase such as:
    • Include,
    • Etc,
    • Such as
  3. Avoid repeating the broader category name.
  4. Avoid the terms that fit into multiple categories.
  5. Try to use simple English.
16. I have my domain, so why do need a trademark registration in European Union?
If there is the availability of corporate name in your state does not mean you have the trademark right to use the name in commerce.
A company could have a trademark name on goods or services but not have acquired the domain name. The availability of domain name is one of the main parts of comprehensive search which TrademarkCart perform for you to determine the strength of the brand name or slogan.
17. What are the benefits of Trademark registerion in India the mark?
  1. When your mark will be registered it will protect it nationwide.
  2. When your mark will be registered it will protect it nationwide.
  3. You will receive the right to the exclusive use of the mark nationwide.
  4. It will stop or restrict other to use your mark.
  5. You will receive the right to use the symbol of the Registered trademark.
18. Is there any need to register the web address or the plural version?
You do not need to register the web address or your company name if you have a trademark registration in European Union of your company name.
19. Do I need to register my slogan?
When you are investing in a marketing company with your slogan that there is a need to register your slogan as well. You can also register the short catchphrases.
20. How long does the process will take after I submit my mark for trademark registration in European Union?
After you file an application with the authority they will begin to review it in about 3 months. Further, they will publish your mark in the Official Gazette to see if anyone in public challenges the mark or not. If no one challenges your mark within 30 days then your mark will get registered within 3 months.
21. Why would I want to disclaim the part of my trademark registration in European Union?
Sometimes the mark may be a group of words together on which the authority may arise the question so in order to save your application from rejection you need to remove the few words from your application. However, the disclaimer does not remove the unregistrable part of your mark, even it does not affect the appearance.
22. When would you need to choose the disclaimer?
There are few words, symbols, or terms because of which you need to disclaim the part of your trademark are given below:

  1. Well known symbols
  2. Compressed compound wording
  3. Informational words
  4. Merely descriptive words
  5. Generic words
  6. Geographic terms
  7. Misspellings from telescoped words
  8. Foreign wording
  9. Multiple words disclaimer.
23. How do I apply to trademark registration in European Union for my band name?
It is the most common question we receive from bands and other musicians that what class they can use? You can register for several classes such as:

  1. Entertainment service
  2. Sound recording
  3. Clothing

Each of them will cost $275 as a fee to authority

24. Can I apply for trademark registration in European Union for my birth or surname?
An individual name can be trademark only if the name has garnered the secondary meaning through its connection the goods and services. Secondary meaning refers to the famous and popular. Not everyone can trademark their given name or surname though.
25. Can I trademark my written work?
This is the most common question people ask what can they trademark the title to their book, characters, or any other written work?
Trademark is just to identify the source of Goods and services so it does not apply to the single book or story. However, if you have series than you will able to trademark the series. Copyright applies to books or other literary works as it stops people from copying your story.
26. How do I apply to trademark registration in European Union for my fashion brand?
Register the brand for your cloches will protect your brand from other selling under your name or logo. The application will be rejected if it is for the single slogan on a t-shirt. You need to provide the evidence to the authority that you are using the word as a brand and not an effort to monopolize the slogan. Most of the brands start with class 25 of the cloths.
27. Do I identify the software as goods or services for a trademark registration in European Union?
The software can be both goods and services and if you are selling actual software purchased by the customer, mention it in the description. But if are selling from your website then your description may be a service of science and technology.
What do I need to do to protect my mark after it is registered?
Once appropriately enrolled, you should document your first Declaration of Continued Use between the fifth and sixth commemoration date of your filing. Your next renewal will fall between the ninth and tenth year. From that point forward, you need to renew the mark at regular intervals of 10 years.
28. What is the Supplemental Register?
In the event that your mark is descriptive, a surname or a geographic term, at that point you may need to attempt and enlist it on the Supplemental Register. Generally, the authority will issue an Office Action proposing you record on the Supplemental Register rather than Principal Register.
Rights you have on the off chance that you file on the Supplemental Register

  • Utilize the ® image
  • Put others on seeing that you are as of now using the mark
  • File a trademark encroachment suit in a government court
  • Keep others from getting confusingly comparable marks from the authority – even on Principal Register.
29. What is the validity of Trademark registration in European Union?
The validity of trademark registration in European Union is 10 Years.
30. How much time does it take from trademark registration in European Union?
6 to 10 months is the time period required for trademark registration in European Union.