Procedure To Obtain Trademark Rights In Japan

When entrepreneurs commence their business activities, they look forward to giving their business activities a boost and a unique identity right from the time of its beginning. In order to achieve a greater place of success and to maintain a competitive place in the dynamic business world, businesses obtain Intellectual Property to create a unique image separate from its competitors. Intellectual Property (IP) has now become a vital part of today's dynamic business world. Trademark registration in Japan is important for businesses operating in Japan to give it's brand a unique [...]

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Steps To Register A Trademark In Singapore with Trademark Cart

The future is so unpredictable that we simply do not know what the future may bring. In case you will have to sell your company in the future, a registered trademark is an asset that significantly adds value to your business. Companies worked hard to build their brand, and want to protect it at all costs. Registering your trademark secures all your hard work and ensures that your customers will be able to distinguish you from your competitors. The article below will familiarize you with the Steps to Register a Trademark [...]

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Australia Trademark Categories

Nowadays, companies are facing problems related to the infringement of their trademarks. This factor makes registering of trademarks a necessary part for companies. Registration grants protection to trademarks against infringers. Registering Trademarks helps in protecting your company reputation, brand, and goodwill around the world. With the help of a trademark, the right owner can easily make his or her business familiar to the target market. There are different types of trademarks that can be registered. They can be a representation of graphics, images, words, texts or a combination of these elements. The [...]

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Requirements For Filing A Trademark Application In Canada

Concept of Trademark in Canada Under the Trade-marks Act, protection to marks is provided by Canadian trademark law. Trademark registration in Canada is done for protecting distinctive marks, certification marks, distinguishing guises, and proposed marks which are provided by trademark law against those who create confusion between different vendors' goods & services or secure the goodwill of the mark. A mark can be protected either as a registered trade-mark under the Actor can alternately be protected by a common law action in passing off.     Process of Trademark Registration Canada Application In Canada, [...]

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Trademark Rules And Regulation Of 2019 Nigeria

Intellectual Property is one of the most important and valuable assets which a company owns. It enhances the brand image of the company in the market place and has a competitive advantage. In Africa, Nigeria is the most populous nation with the largest economy in the continent and a fast-growing services sector with an increasing need for consumer goods and services. This factor makes registring Trademarks in Nigeria important. Trademarks are a combination of word or words, logos, images, figures, graphics or any other form which gives goods/services a unique identity [...]

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Trademark Classes Of Malta

Introduction Nice Agreement (1957) established the International Classification of Goods and Services, which is also referred to as Nice Classification. It is a system of classifying goods and services for the purpose of registering trademarks. It is refurbished after every five years and its advanced 11th version of the system groups into 45 classes that class 1-34 include goods and classes 35-45 embrace services. This allows users seeking to trademark a good or service to choose from these appropriate available classes. Since the system is recognized in numerous countries, this makes a more streamlined process of applying for trademarks internationally. The World Intellectual Property [...]

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Introduction To Trademark Registration Process For Japan

Trademark Meaning Trademark refers to any type of word, symbol or logo which is used to represent the product or business. Once your trademark gets registered with proper paperwork and fees are paid then no other organization or party can use the same. In this article, we explain the process concerning the trademark registration in Japan. In addition to words, logos and three-dimensional marks and non-traditional marks that can be registered may include:- Colors (Owens-Corning registers pink color as the pink panther on the use of packaging) Sounds( When applying for a [...]

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Trademark Protection In UAE

Trademark Protection in UAE. Are the same in all countries or different? Most company executives are focusing on setting up their businesses in new jurisdictions. They are understanding the benefits of trademark and Trademark registration. Expanding businesses worldwide enhance the brand image and gives the business a global place to operate. However, they often overlook the need for trademark protection in the enthusiasm of increasing the profitability of the company. To protect the trademark it is important to do a Trademark Search. It is important to consider how one can protect the [...]

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A Comprehensive Guide To Trademarks, Patents And Copyrights

In today’s dynamic world, a number of people are starting their own businesses and a various number of factors can affect their businesses. One such factor that requires attention by entrepreneurs is Intellectual Property (IP). Intellectual property refers to the property that includes intangible creations of the human mind. IP contains Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents. Intellectual Property (IP)  consists of two parts: Industrial Property- This involves trademarks, patents, industrial designs, and geographical indications. Copyright- This gives an exclusive right to literary works films, music, artistic works, and architectural design. What does [...]

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