As young entrepreneurs are looking forward to starting their own businesses registering Trademarks helps in protecting your company reputation, brand, and goodwill around the world. With the help of a trademark, the owner can easily make his or her business familiar to the target market. There are different types of trademarks that can be registered. They can be a representation of graphics, images, words, texts or a combination of these elements. An individual, company, body of persons (incorporated or unincorporated) or political body may own a trademark. In addition, an incorporated or unincorporated association may apply for a collective trademark. The article will familiarize you with the Trademark registration with TrademarkCart in Australia.

Registrable Trademarks

A letter, word, phrase, name, numeral, signature, device, picture, label, logo, ticket, aspect of packaging, shape, sound, color, or scent are capable of Trademark Registration in Australia. A combination of these types of trademarks can also be registered. A preliminary Trademark Search is required to ascertain whether the trademark is available or not for registration.

Non-Registrable Trademarks

Certain Signs are not capable of registration, for example:

  • Words like “Patents” and “Copyrights”.
  • A representation of the Arms, Flag or seal of Australia or a state or territory is not capable of registration.
  • The Olympic rings
  • Words “Olympic Champion”, “Returned Soldier” and “Repatriation” are not capable of registration in Australia.
  • Signs which are prescribed by the Internation Union for the Protection of Industrial Property.
  • Words like “Australian and Overseas Telecommunications”.
  • Geographical indications for Wine.

All the above signs are not capable of getting registered as Trademarks in Australia.

Trademark Registration Process in Australia

Before applying for a trademark, a trademark search should be conducted to check whether it is available for registration or not. One can easily initiate their application process of Trademark Registration with TrademarkCart. After the application is submitted, IP Australia can take four to six months to examine the trademark.  The expedited examination is available where commercial considerations apply and serious disadvantage would result from the time taken to process the application.  If the application is accepted, it will be advertised for the opposition.  If no opposition is raised in the mandatory two-month opposition period, the trademark will be registered.

Steps for Trademark Registration with Trademark Cart in Australia

For registering your Trademark in Australia, follow these few simple steps and get Trademark Registration with TrademarkCart.


Visit our website TrademarkCart and start your Trademark Application process.

trademark registration in Australia with Trademark cart


Go to the Tab Trademark Registration and choose Trademark Registration Australia.

trademark registration in Australia with Trademark cart


Fill the simple form and submit your Trademark Registration Application.

trademark registration in Australia with Trademark cart


Fill the required relevant details in the Applicant Info and enter Next and proceed to About your Trademark.

trademark registration in Australia with Trademark cart


Provide the information about your Trademark, like your brand name, what does your brand contain and a few more details. After providing the relevant details enter Next and proceed to Trademark Class.

trademark registration in Australia with Trademark cart


After filling the details about your trademark, Trademark Class has to be specified as per the Nice Classification system. Trademark Classification is important to prevent anyone from registering the same or similar trademark within the same class. Choose the category to which your goods or services belong. After filling the details, click on Next and proceed to Pricing and Packages.

trademark registration in Australia with Trademark cart

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The final step in the Trademark Application is filling the details of Pricing and Packages. The applicant can provide the details of “Do you want to register a trademark for multiple countries” and “Add On-Services” as per their needs. After filling all the details, the applicant can Submit the Trademark Application.

trademark registration in Australia with Trademark cart

Details required for the trademark registration process   

For registering a Trademark, the following information is required:

  • The applicant’s company or individual name.
  • The applicant’s address.
  • A list of goods and/or services for which registration is sought.
  • A graphical representation of the mark.

Representation of a Trademark

  • Trademarks must be able to be graphically represented to be registrable.
  • The representation of the mark should not be larger than 8cm * 8cm.
  • All the features of the trademark must be represented.


It has been concluded that not only a registered Trademark’s brand will be respected by competitors, but they will also gain exponential legal powers. Having your trademark registered gives you the right to sue anyone who tries to copy your name, products or brand. Get Trademark registration with TrademarkCart and reach the heights of success.

If you are also planning to give your goods and services a Trademark, don’t worry as we are here to provide you complete assistance on all matters of trademarks. Visit our website Trademark Cart or give us a call on +91 8750008585, and our Trademark experts will guide you in the most possible way.

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