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Provisional Patent Application: Expired Can be Refiled in US ?

A provisional patent application is a sort of a patent application that can be applied before the filing of a full utility application. The Provisional Patent section in Bitlaw gives a detailed description of the history and requirements for a provisional patent application in the United States. In meaning, a PPA is a temporary placeholder application. That offers an inventor to build the filing date of their invention with the US Patent and Trademark Office (the "USPTO"). A provisional application is never considered by the patent office. Rather, it helps [...]

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How to Check your Trademark Status in the USA

Checking trademark status usa is a must to check when a find or action from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is demanded. Whether you are a candidate or a registrant, if you require to inquire into the status of a pending matter, you can do it by the USPTO directly. Trademark Registration in U.S.A Intellectual Property is growing important to get registered in today‘s business world. According to the USA trademark system, it’s described as a word, phrase, or logo that implies the supply of goods and [...]

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