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Benefits of Trademark Registration

Brand Name in legal terms is connoted as a "Trademark". A trademark denotes any symbol, logo, word, name, phrase, device, numerals or any other distinctive mark of a company that differentiates it from the other brands or companies. The trademark which is registered for services is known as a service mark.  A good trademark is easy to speak and remember alongside being unique and distinctive. The decision of a consumer approaching for the purchase of any goods/services or hiring a service is highly influenced by the brand value and its reputation [...]

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Documents for Trademark Registration

What is a Trademark? A trademark is a legal protection for intellectual property. The owner of the mark has to submit the documents for trademark registration. The application has to be approved by the Intellectual Property Office before having the right to protection. Trademarks can be words, phrases, symbols or logos, names, sound marks, designs, color schemes, holograms, motion marks, packaging of goods/services or some other distinctive features that are associated with the brand. For further information on trademarks read 7 Basic Every Entrepreneur should know about Trademarks. Requirements to Recieve [...]

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Everything about Trademark Infringement

Every entrepreneur works hard to brainstorm and chart a name and a logo to establish their brand value. It takes hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to develop a mark and get it trademarked.  Securing the trademark protects the brand and provides with the tools to prevent someone using similar signs and riding off the back of the business with many enticing perks like unique identity, a creation of goodwill, popularizing the brand, global recognition, etc. It is always suggested to make a trademark registration at the earliest to [...]

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Brand Name vs. Trademark : Understanding the Difference

Trademarks are often associated with brand value and brand identity. Hence many people, laymen, and even businessmen think it is the same as a business/brand name. We often hear the term "brand" used conversely with the term "trademark". But there is a legal difference between the two words. When considering the two, use the "all-but-not-all" rule. All trademarks are brands, while not all brands are trademarks. Let us walk through the key differences between the two terms, both in meaning and purpose. Business/Trade/Brand/Company Name A business/trade/company name is simply a first [...]

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What all to do after completing Trademark Registration ?

After successfully taking the first step on the important path of protecting your brand by completing the trademark registration a lot still needs to be done. You heard it right, even after such a tedious application process one has gone through, there's still more work to be accomplished. There are multiple crucial things to remember in order to properly use, maintain and protect the registered trademark. Protecting and defending the registered trademark is an active and ongoing pursuit - but it is important to do so to ensure that the mark retains [...]

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Dare not skimp on Trademark Protection for your New Brand

With a powerful brand, every business will have one of the most crucial assets needed for success. For many budding entrepreneurs, developing a brand is one of the principal priorities while establishing a business. This is because branding allows the business to accomplish predetermined targets and goals in the long-term. It is quite essential that every growing business uses the best techniques to develop their brand but it is equally important that one should be well aware of things like Trademark Protection so as not to make mistakes while they're starting out. [...]

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7 basic things every entrepreneur should know about Trademarks

When embarking a business, it's quite easy to get baffled by the proportion of paperwork that demands your attention. Yet one crucial decision that many entrepreneurs end up neglecting. This is the decision to protect their intellectual property by filing with proper licenses like trademarks, copyrights, and patent. Having proper intellectual property rights is extremely important for the long-term success of the venture. In this article, we discuss 7 things that will help the entrepreneurs explore further in reference to trademarks. What is a Trademark? A trademark is something that [...]

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